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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Things I'm Glad I Brought to College

We've all heard of bringing too much to college, of sending boxes back and taking entire trunk-fulls home by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

I got really lucky because my room is HUGE by dorm standards. However, there's still a bit of storage genius behind maximizing the space that I do have. Given that, here are 5 things that I almost didn't bring that I am so glad that I did!

One // Rain Boots
I was afraid they'd take up too much space in my closet, but when it rains it p.o.u.r.s. in Memphis, so these have been handy on many occasions.

Hunter Boots | Picture from this post

Two // Thank you notes
I didn't think that I would really need these because, well, most of the people I normally would send these to I wouldn't be seeing, but when the situation arose for a note, I was glad that I brought some stationary! I also snagged a few packs at Target because they were cute... ;)

Photo from this post | {@memphismadeblog}

Three // All of my makeup
For space-saving reasons, I wasn't planning on bringing my entire makeup collection because it's huge. With themed parties and swaps alike, it's really nice to have a bunch of options for makeup!

Lip Color | Lip Exfoliator | Photo from this post

Four // A bunch of dresses
Confession - when I have early morning practice (like...before the sun comes up early) I am so lazy when I get dressed for class. It's like all my energy is gone before 7 AM! Luckily dresses are a one-stop complete outfit and they make my life 10x easier.

Dress | Shoes | Photo from this post

Five // Brita Water Pitcher
This thing is the greatest invention ever. I refill it every night and it's so nice to have clean, not-dorm-tap water on hand at all times. It also feeds my laziness because I only have to walk across my room, not down the hall, for water.

Agenda | Glasses | Water Bottle | Photo from this post {@memphismadeblog} | Brita Pitcher

Stay tuned for 5 Things I Wish I Hadn't Brought to College -- coming your way next week!

xx, Victoria

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  1. First off let me just say how glad i am i found your blog, you are absolutely beautiful! Second, i love yoyr hunter boots! I have that same color along with 4 other pairs i wear all the time! You look super cute in them and agree with how practical they are. Definitely invest in more when you get the chance!


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