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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Because this is Sparta. Just kidding.

Today marks 300 posts over here on MM.  Isn't that crazy?!

I like doing these posts every 100 because I get to see what I've learned or what has or hasn't changed since last time. That's pretty cool to me.

So, posts 200-299 included...

My first fashion posts.
Can I get an amen? I mean, I know it took me forever to get with the program here, but I'm kind of glad that it did. Before coming to college, I had worn uniforms my entire life. I had never gotten to choose what I wore to school until August. I have really enjoyed getting to learn how to do that and how to make a set amount of clothes work again and again, and it makes getting dressed every day pretty fun.

College starting.
Milestones, people, milestones. I still don't feel like I'm in college sometimes. What I mean is that I still don't have my life together, don't know what the heck I'm doing, and so in that regard I'm still just me. But I have really liked the freedom of being on my own a little more. It's a little terrifying to not have people constantly holding my hand, but it's also cool to see that I can do it. I can get all A's and B's, I can manage my own money, I can take care of myself.

A whole lot of creative struggles.
September and parts of October were pretty tough for me. It was the start of the swim season, and our practice schedule was absolutely insane. I had never had an athletic schedule that was so demanding, and combined with being a pledge in a sorority and getting the hang of college academics, I felt constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. I honestly wanted to quit swimming because I just felt so trapped by my schedule. I could barely finish my homework because I was so exhausted and my schedule was so packed with places to be and things to do. This definitely impacted the content here on MM because I was just so slammed IRL.

However, when I got to go home for fall break, I felt like a new person when I came back to Memphis. I got to reset a little bit. I got initiated into KD, our swimming schedule changed (we switched practice locations and thus practice times), and I got comfortable enough with my professors to go get help when I needed it. Basically, I finally started to get my act together and feel like a human again.

So, here's to post #300. Who knows what all will happen between 301 and 399?!

xx, Victoria

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