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Friday, October 10, 2014

Stayin' Alive

It's midterm week. Breathe in, and out.

I'm going to be honest here. This week has been a struggle. I'm still getting rid of tonsillitis and still figuring out where on earth I got that from, juggling a hectic athletic schedule, experiencing revelation week (getting my big sister in my sorority!), and preparing for an INSANE weekend (more to come on that later!). Did I mention studying/sleeping occasionally in there too?

When morning swim practices started, I was, and still am, having a tough time adjusting to them. In high school, I rarely swam two practices a day, and when I did I didn't have school to worry about. So, to say that I've been a bit overwhelmed would be an appropriate assumption. 

However, one of the biggest problems I encountered was simply staying alert! I found myself drifting out of focus in class and not participating like I normally do. 

I've come to the conclusion that my freshman year of college is going to be a whole bunch of trial and error, but so far, here's how I'm staying functional and alert during the day!

Stayin' Alive

Coffee - Well, duh. I've found that the coffee I make in my room is stronger (and cheaper!) than the coffee that the Starbucks on campus has. Although it's kind of a pain to deal with the reusable Keurig filter, it's saving me so much money on K Cups.

Popcorn - HOW did I survive high school without it? Side story - my microwave at home, for whatever reason, will not pop popcorn. And it's annoying as all get out. However, my microwave here does! I think it's a great snack because it keeps my hands busy, forces me to get up, and it's only 20 calories a bag. In addition, the crunchiness of it wakes me up a little.

Water - I'm in love with my Brita filter. The tap water here is clean, but when it goes through my Brita it tastes more like the water from home. Sometimes when I really just want to give up on my paper, I'll force myself to get up and walk around drinking a glass of water, and not sit down until it's empty. This is a great study break for me, because it isn't too long, but it lets me expel a little energy.

Music - You've probably noticed how often I post Spotify playlists on here, but it's because I love studying to music. There are very few subjects that I will prefer silence for, so even though my iTunes bill may be high, there's usually a correlation between that bill and my grades!

If you've got midterms this week too, may the force be with you. Take a break and go enjoy this 3 minute video.

xx, Victoria

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  1. Ah popcorn & coffee are my go-to study treats also! Thought it was just me; glad to see I'm not alone! ;) Seems like a crazy combo but it really keeps me going!

    Good luck with'll do great!!



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