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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Big Ol' Weekend

This weekend was...I have no words.

Friday night was AWESOME. All last week was "rev week," or rather, the week where we get our big sisters (refresher - I'm a Kappa Delta!).

I really wanted Morgan. My friend/teammate Maddie, who is her roommate, paired us up as buddies for a week (we had 4 weeks of buddies to get to know girls in the pledge class above us so that we could figure out who we all wanted as our bigs!), and the more we hung out the more I wanted her to be my big.

Sunday, which is when the "bigs" found out who their littles were, she texted me saying that she was so sorry and sad, but that we hadn't been paired together. I was very upset, and I still can't believe she tricked me all week! When she first told me, I thought she was just messing with me, because it is customary for the bigs to hide their identities all week until the Revelation Night at the end of the week. However, I was then told that I was a twin, meaning that I would share my big with another girl in my pledge class.

To be clear, I was not upset about being a twin, but rather upset about this circumstance because it a) meant I really wasn't Morgan's little (she told me she was not taking twins), and  b) because I knew the girl I who suspected was my big didn't want twins and that I was by no means her first choice as a little.

However, as the week went on, I was definitely excited about my twin! She is a good KD friend and lives down the hall from me, so we would've had so much fun. However, on Wednesday night, Morgan further confused me by telling me I wasn't a twin and every clue she had told me up to that point had been a lie!

But when I finally figured out it was her on Friday, I was overjoyed. I honestly couldn't ask for a better family! Even though this picture is missing my great-grandbig, my grand big, big, and I are all blonde athletes!

After the toga swap, hence the orange toga fabric, Saturday rolled around and it was Homecoming.

Rhodes is big rivals with Sewanee, so it was a loooooong day of tailgating and fun. However, some of my friends didn't exactly make it through the day, and I was caretaker. It definitely helped that John came up from Ole Miss though, and it was great to see him, especially since it might not be until Thanksgiving until I get to see him again.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

xx, Victoria

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