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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Healthy(ish) Dorm Snacks

We're still adjusting here. My mini fridge isn't exactly stocked with fresh fruit and veggies at all times like my refrigerator at home usually was.

In attempts to avoid the dreaded freshman 15, here's what I've been keeping in my dorm to munch on...

PS - all my food is in a small storage ottoman I bought at Target!

Almonds - no preparation needed. Filling, crunchy, and easy to pack and travel.

Ramen - it happens. Sometimes the lunch period just isn't long enough for me to get in there, and that sends me to my microwave.

Popcorn - fat-free popcorn is quite possibly my favorite thing to munch on. It has 20 calories per bag and is deliciously easy.

Peanut Butter - I'm not really sure why I have this in there...I have nothing to put it on. Maybe that's why I still haven't opened it yet?

Coffee - Duh.

Propel & Crystal Light - because Propel is healthier than Gatorade.

Truvia - to go in my coffee. I've gotten up to 4 cups a day...*insert wide-eyed emoji here*

Any suggestions?

 xx, Victoria


  1. I have these Quaker Oats Popped rice crisps that are to die for! Blueberry, caramel corn, and apple cinnamon are my favorites. One serving is only about 100 cals. I also like the Special K cracker chips (BBQ) and popcorn chips (kettle corn) which are 110 cals for about 30 chips! It's a quick way to get a little snack and doesn't take up too much space when you put them in grab-to-go baggies! I also try and drink twice as much plain water as coffee, so for every 8oz of coffee, I try to drink 16oz H2O after that. Hope your semester is off to a great start! :D xx

  2. Ooh, good tips, Leigh! Thank you!
    xx, Victoria


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xx, Victoria