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Monday, September 29, 2014

A day in the life

Disclaimer - these are some of my absolute FAVORITE posts to read on other people's blogs. Their lives are interesting. Maybe mine is too, who knows.

Let's take my normal Monday for a spin, shall we?

6:00 AM - Alarm clock goes off. Press snooze until...

6:02 AM - Snooze goes off. I actually get up now to start getting ready for my morning workout.

6:17 AM - I leave to trek across campus to the weight room. I'm probably super happy about this right now.

6:26 AM - I have four minutes to mentally prepare. Alright, people. Here we go.

6:30 AM - Everything is heavy, and I am a weakling.

6:57 AM - Hellooooooo basketball team.

7:45 AM - Off to breakfast!

8:15 AM - I have 30 minutes to shower and look decent for class. Ready, set, break!

8:44 AM - I leave for Spanish, and arrive promptly at...

8:52 AM - I'm alone in the classroom. Let's check other people's blogs for 8 minutes, shall we?

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM - No hablo espaƱol muy bueno.

9:57 AM - 10:45 AM - An hour(-ish) of work (usually blogging) and coffee before heading off to..

10:55 AM - 11:50 AM - Search Class. For those of you who don't go to Rhodes, it's basically Humanities 101.

11:56 AM - I need food. Now.

12:40 PM - Off to computer science!

1:52 PM - Off to swim practice! (again.)

2:03 PM - I shouldn't have eaten lunch.

3:36 PM - I'm getting a tan from my swim cap. This will not be cute.

4:30 PM - Showers rock.

4:57 PM - 6:15 PM - Studying, joy.

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM - Dinner

7:15 PM - Embark to the library

7:30 PM - After spending 15 minutes looking for somewhere to study, #rhodesproblems, I finally found a spot. Here we go, homework!

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - Back to my room I go to clean up and wind down.

11:07 PM - I fall asleep typing mid-text...again. Oops.

 xx, Victoria

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