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Thursday, September 18, 2014

30 Thoughts During Recruitment

As someone who literally just finished rush (like...last week) I feel the pain of the PNM (potential new member). I know pretty much everyone felt this way too, so here we go:

1. This outfit is SO WRONG.

2. Why does everyone but me have cute clothes?

3. My feet hurt, and we've only been to one house. Sh*t.

4. Ok, be cool. BE. COOL.

5. Oh hello, stranger, please excuse me as you startle me by escorting me around the house.

6. "Nice to meet you too, oh cool I know someone from there!"

7. *polite laugh & nod*

8. I wonder if they know that I know that they know everything about me

9. Dammit, I left that super embarrassing picture of me on my Instagram.


11. Can I have the snack job if I get into this house?

12. *attempts to eat and speak gracefully at same time*

13. More strangers! Yes, hello!

14. Exit gracefully. You got it, just be normal.

15. Ok...that wasn't that bad. Moving on.

16. I love snacks. Like part of rush right here!!!

17. Oh no...her face got like that face when I said something weird. CRAP.

18. They hated me. I'm not getting a bid, it's final. GDI!!!

19. That house adored me. I adored them. We are in love.

20. My feet though

21. I should call my mom after this

22. do they raise that much money

23. I wish I could raise that much money

24. Aww, sisterhood yay bonding LYLAS to all y'all

25. Wedgie, again?! WHY

26. Pref night! Even better snacks. And allllllll the emotions.

27. Wait I love it here.

28. PLEASE let me have a bid I want to belong here!!!


30. *sings overplayed Pharrell Williams song*

Happy Thursday, people.

 xx, Victoria

1 comment:

  1. Recruitment is always hard on both ends. These are definitely some thoughts that crossed all our minds at one point though. Love it.


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