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Monday, August 4, 2014

Vic goes to college

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is this crazy or what? I can't believe that I'm heading off to college in a mere twelve days. Twelve days left for me to live with my family and to not wear shower shoes. Oy.

My mom and I (finally) started the college shopping process about two weeks ago, and oh my, do you need a ton for school. I guess it hadn't really hit me how much I'd actually need until we began the trek to all the local stores.

Because the process is rather daunting to well, everyone, today I wanted to share my personal packing list with you all! Please note that it excludes things that you already know you need like bedding, clothes, etc.

You might already know this from reading for a while, but one of my very best friends is a year older than me, or rather, she'll be a sophomore in college while I'll be a freshman. I definitely take advantage of her sage college wisdom, and one of her recommendations was a filtered water pitcher to keep in my dorm room.


Fortunately, Target carries these awesome Brita® pitchers to make sure that every student has access to clean, crisp water. You can store it in your fridge and have filtered water on hand all the time! I know that many people like them because it's convenient to have clean water in your room, but it also makes for a better enhanced drink, like Crystal Light or Mio. Another bonus for the eco-friendly gal is that a reusable pitcher is so much cleaner than a bunch of plastic water bottles (and cheaper!).

Don't forget, these awesome filters are available at Target, as are tons and tons of other things you'll need before heading off to school!

What are you bringing to college? I love reading other people's lists to make sure I don't forget a thing!
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 xx, Victoria

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog via HCBN and got excited to see another Memphis blogger! Then I realized you are going to Rhodes!!! It'll be great to have another blogger on campus! Another Rhodes chica to check out is Kacky at {}. If you have any questions about Rhodes and moving in I'd love to chitchat! Good luck and hopefully I'll meet you during welcome week!

    Emily |


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