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Friday, August 1, 2014

Senior Photos Tips

It seems absolutely insane that I was taking my senior pictures a whole year ago. That being said, I wish that there were a few things that I would have known...

1. If you're awkward and you know it, clap your hands *clap clap*
My photographer, who is my cousin's wife, did an amazing job. I felt super uncomfortable in front of the camera, and didn't have any idea what poses I wanted or how to do that ones that my mom kept telling me to do (I mean...that serious face though. Ha.). Book a photographer who can make you feel comfortable and who can make you forget that you're in front of a camera.

2. Pose like something you would actually do.
I was practicing my sorority squat for recruitment a year early, duh. But really though, if you wouldn't pick that pose yourself, odds are it'll show that you don't like it. You do you, girl, you do you.

3. Mix up your backgrounds.
Run around town if you have to, but pick a few spots with different backdrops. They'll add a little spice to your photos, and different lighting produces different results!

4. Bring outfit changes & options
You'll be glad you did later. The same outfit & background get boring pretty quickly, so add some dimension to your senior portfolio with different outfits. For my senior pictures, I chose a blue ruffle dress with wedges, white jeans with wedges and a yellow peplum top, and a nude and red sundress with cowboy boots. I chose 3 outfits that I felt best represented my personal sense of style along with different accessories.

5. Make sure you get at least one really, really good headshot.
You'll use it for college applications, sorority applications, and all sorts of various things. You already have the photographer, so you might as well get something that you'll need down the road!

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