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Friday, August 8, 2014

Organizing Your Computer

Ahh, a fresh school year. The public schools in my county went back yesterday, and it's so quiet down here at the pool where I work. All the kids are gone!

With school starting for me in several days, I knew that I needed to clean out my computer a bit - take out all the high school folders and clear out for all the things college will demand of my dear laptop.

I started out by opening the software I use to take notes in class - Growly Notes. It's the free (!!!) version of Microsoft's OneNote that's more compatible with Mac.

First things first - close out of all my high school notebooks, even my beloved APUSH :( Spanish however, and especially Physics, those felt really good to close. From there I opened new notebooks and titled them according to the class name and number.

Moving on to Finder, which is Apple's version of the "My Computer" button on a PC, I opened "Documents." In there, I found that I did in fact have a college folder, but it was full of application essays, resum├ęs, transcripts, etc., so I renamed the folder "Applying to College." I don't think I'll need any of that stuff, but I don't want to delete it either, just in case.

From there, I made a new folder called " Rhodes - Freshman Year 2014 - 2015." That way, I know which year I took a certain class, be it by the numerical year itself or by the class I was in.

Within that folder, I made a folder for each class I was taking, just like in Growly Notes, and then, I made a folder called "Fall 2014" and put each class' folder inside of it. So many folders, yes? But this way, there's a streamlined system by which I can find a class or document easily.

How do you organize your computer for school?

  xx, Victoria

PS - if you can't see the photos clearly of if they're too small, click on them and they will enlarge without you leaving this page!

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  1. I take notes in (Apple's version of) Microsoft Office using the "outline" option… Lines pop up and entering and tabbing makes everything super organized! You can create tabs for different units and whatnot. Love it! I'll have to check out Growly Notes though; it looks very clean :) Have a great weekend! xo


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