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Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Obsessions

August obsessions, here we go.

Washi Tape
For makeshift to-do lists and just bright accents. Bring on all the colors.

This one is for all my swimmers out there! I got a few new suits for the upcoming season, and decided to branch out and try a TYR Durafast practice suit. I was so pleased! It has that fabric that won't fade, but has a little more give than other brands.

I mean, what's new. But really, BLESS THE HOME DEPARTMENT. I got so much stuff there earlier this week for my dorm room. I mean, microwave, cleaning supplies, rug, etc. Thanks tar-get.

So. Good. I sped through the first book in 3 days, and ran out to get the second immediately! The books are quick, fast-paced reads but they were action packed.

Stay tuned, because I bet a dorm tour will pop up on here soon!

  xx, Victoria

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  1. I should try the Divergent book, I've seen the movie but wouldn't mind looking into it! Great post :)



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