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Friday, August 29, 2014

Game Day

Game Day - Red & Black

Game Day - Blue (with red & orange)

For my SEC readers, game day is most likely...tomorrow.

I know you're likely dying of excitement (#rolllynxroll) but as a small school, football isn't exactly a huge deal here at Rhodes. However, a lot of my friends do attend big schools where football defines the entire weekend. For y'all, I have a few ideas for game day dresses in blue, black, and red. The accessories are mix and match - for Auburn, you've got a blue dress with an orange necklace, but for Ole Miss, you've got a blue dress and a red necklace. Black pretty much works anywhere, but as someone who has worn blue her entire life, I need some red in my wardrobe!

Best part about all of these options above - the dresses are all under $100, the shoes under $50, and the bags & accessories are too! The only thing that isn't under there is the Ray-Bans.

xx, Victoria

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