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Monday, August 4, 2014

{even more} Daily Reads

HOW IS IT AUGUST?! Seriously though. Where on earth has the summer gone?!

Moving on... ;)

It's becoming a problem. I think I'm up to nearly 25 blogs that I check daily.

But hey, it's important to stay up to date with everyone in the blogging community, right?

1. Corals + Cognacs
I am smitten. First of all, I can't believe I didn't find this gem sooner. Second of all, I often have to be careful when reading this blog, because I often find myself laughing out loud at what Ms. Hallie Wilson has to say. This girl is absolutely hilarious, and she keeps it real.

2. Bows & Sequins
Jess is absolutely adorable. She's gorgeous, stylish, and entertaining. She also has great brand partnerships and reviews products honestly but doesn't shove them down your throat, something that I can definitely improve upon, if I do say so myself!

3. Citrus & Style
Hunter introduced this one to me when she asked me to add Caroline to our mailing list for the #backtobeauty linkup (if you need more info see here OR e-mail me!) and I find Caroline to be very refreshing (get it? citrus? refreshing? hehe). She throws in a good mix of health, style, and various other topics that keep her content interesting and fun to read.

4. Undeniably Anna
Another Hunter find, but I first have to say that I love her site design. It's clean, accessible, and just plain pretty. Points for you, Ms. Anna! Anyways, her blog has gorgeous pictures (as does her Instagram) and she started her own magazine. How cool is that?!

5. Stripes & Sequins
Another awesome site design. Grace Atwood is one cool gal, I have to say. She works at BaubleBar (yes, THE BaubleBar) and blogs her daily style as well. Can you say dream life?

6. Stripes & Peonies
Before you even click on that link, follow her on Instagram. Her photos are stunningly beautiful. Now to the blog - accessible, beautiful, everyday style with a touch of glam? That's what I would say about Gracey's blog. She is gorgeous herself, and has great taste in clothes & accessories.

7. A Lonestar State of Southern
They say that everything is better in Texas...and I'm starting to believe it. Kate is gorgeous (I want her hair!) and has exquisite taste in clothing and accessories. She strikes me as the ultimate Southern belle - intelligent, poised, and beautiful.

8. What Courtney Wore
I thought that Ms. Kerr looked familiar, and then I realized that I had seen her before, as a reality TV star! She was on one of Bravo's shows, then got her own show, and is now a fashion blogger! How crazy is that?! She is great inspiration for a little bit of unpredictable but fascinating style, and somehow always manages to rock the perfect beauty & accessories looks. Also, her dog is precious.

*All photos were taken directly from the blogs themselves.

 xx, Victoria

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