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Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Headboards

You've probably seen a few of these tutorials floating around the internet, but hey, what's one more?

Saturday, my mom and I made headboards for my roommate and I. Having stayed on campus during orientation, I knew that I wanted a headboard that actually came above the pillows and that added something to the overall look of the room. With that being said, we ventured off to our local Hobby Lobby, and bought the following things:

2 41x36 pieces of thick plywood
2.5 yards of white canvas cloth
2.5 yards of foam batting
2 27x72 rolls of 1 inch foam
1 2x48 roll of navy grosgrain ribbon

We already had a staple gun, spray adhesive, & glue gun at home, but if you don't have those I recommend getting them!

We started by laying out the wood and placing the foam overtop to measure it. From there, we cut the foam to fit the headboard, and used a spray adhesive on both the wood and the foam to ensure it would stay put. Then, we layer out the foam batting, and left several inches surrounding the headboard on all sides. My mom would pull the batting up and around the headboard tightly and I would staple it. The foam batting helps the foam stay in place and provides even more cushion, according to my mom.

My mom then ironed the canvas cloth just to make sure that it was clean and wrinkle-free.

After that, we followed the same process as before, laying out several extra inches on all sides, and then carefully wrapping them over the edge of the headboard before stapling it.

Finally, we added navy grosgrain ribbon for a decorative touch. We simply strung it across the top and down both sides by gluing it with a hot glue gun.

And, voila!

  xx, Victoria

PS - more on my new home coming up tomorrow!

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