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Friday, July 4, 2014

A little history...


I'm releasing my inner nerd today. I'm going with it.

First, let me say, Happy Independence Day! I've got a super busy day at the pool (#lifeguardprobz), and usually that keeps me from really getting to enjoy the significance of this day.

Anyways, let's go back to 18th century colonial America...

The American Revolution didn't start in 1776. It started way before that momentous year. Colonial America, or technically colonial England, wasn't the best place to be. Eastern explorers discovered the continent in the late fifteenth century, but it wasn't until the 1600s that England made her mark on the New World.

The founding of Jamestown set England up for great expansion. America was a vast land of opportunity, right? However, the settlers often died, especially in the Chesapeake area, from starvation and disease. The native people of the region did too, because the settlers were eating a lot of their food and they also brought over foreign diseases that their immune systems were not equipped to deal with.

Yet, the American experiment was just beginning. After local government was finally formed, England began to realize that the Americans had more governing power than they had intended. They began imposing strict taxes, embargoes, and various other burdens like hosting troops in their homes.

Eventually, American citizens, particularly those in New England, were fed up. They saw an opportunity to split from the English government and form their own. I'll spare you all the battle history, because I feel confident that you've seen it thousands of times before, but I'll impart upon you the struggles of founding a new government briefly.

Once the United States of America actually existed, the new government encountered several issues - how strict should the government be? What exactly does a republic look like? How do we financially run the country? How do we pay back war debts? Who should we ally with?

It took the country several years, and in my opinion they're still figuring it all out in Washington. And taking into account the various questions and issues I have with our government, I have to say, I am glad that we split with England. There are some undeniable advantages to being an American, one of which is that I can write this blog and the fact that I went to school at all.

So, enjoy Independence Day today. I hope you remember a little something about American history today, and just how much it took to get us here.

xx, Victoria
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