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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orientation Outfits

Orientation Outfits

When I was at orientation early last week, I met tons of people. There were lots of first impressions to be made.

This guy, bless his heart, showed up in jeans, tennis shoes, and a workout tank that was a couple sizes too small. I felt so bad for him because people already branded him as someone who didn't care about orientation (myself included... *shame*).

I know that many of y'all are off to orientation soon as well, so please make sure that you make the right first impression and that your outfit doesn't make you infamous before you even get to say hello.

I'd suggest something presentable, because you will be meeting tons and tons of people in addition to future professors. Aka, people that you don't want to remember you as "neon shirt football guy."

Another tip is to be comfortable. You'll have a long, jam-packed day chock-full of information and introductions, so make sure that you have walkable shoes, and something that you'll feel good spending approximately twelve hours in.

One more tip for orientation - get out there! Don't be afraid to walk up to someone and say "Hi! I'm ___!" Trust me, it isn't that horrifying.

xx, Victoria
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