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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun in the Sun

I'm telling y'all, I am a ginger with brown hair. I burn so easily.

Besides my skin's failure to tan, my dad also dealt with melanoma several years ago. Good news - he's definitely fine (they caught it early!), but he has a huge 14-inch scar across his stomach from where they took out a mole that was smaller than a dime. Yeah.

So, those two factors make me pretty sensitive to the sun, physically and emotionally. I know that I need major sunscreen, but at the same time, it's so alluring to have a tan like everybody else. What's a girl to do?

Blue Lizard (not pictured)
Just a heads up, this sunscreen is goopy, and will make you look white. As appealing as that sounds, it is totally worth it. I have never once gotten burnt using it, and I only used SPF 30. So yeah, I'm obsessed. Put it under BB cream or makeup and you'd never know that you had this creamy sunscreen on! You can get it here from Amazon.

Coppertone Sport
This is what I wear to swim practice. I tend to get really bad one-piece tan lines because we practice outside in the summer. This stuff seriously stays on through all the sweaty, chlorine-y madness that happens at 6:30 am (yeah, I have practice that early) and keeps me from getting fried before the sun is even up over the horizon. 

Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen
I know, I know, SPF 15 isn't enough, but this is my "tanning sunscreen." I absolutely love this stuff because it smells incredible, and it even has a little bit of an instant bronzer in it to give you a little glow right when you spritz it on. You have to reapply it a lot, but it's worth it!

The best part about all of these three sunscreens is that you can pick them all up in a drugstore or superstore nearby! Convenience, yeah?

xx, Victoria
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