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Monday, June 2, 2014

Beauty Brag

Whew has it been a while since I've done one of these! So last week I tried something completely weird and new - a foot peel.

Besides the fact that that sounds completely weird (I mean exfoliant peel for your feet), it ended up being weird. And cool.

Baby Foot 1 Hour Treatment

So, I slipped my feet into these babies last week, threw some socks on top to make sure they didn't fall off, and left them on for an hour as the box dictated. I just chilled and watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and caught up on some e-mails, and then took them off and washed the gel off of my feet. Please excuse my granny pj's ;)

The gel wasn't smelling or overpowering, which helped. A few days later, my feet were nasty. This peeling madness that was ensuing was seriously gross. However, the skin that was left was beautiful. I mean, as beautiful as feet can be, right?

I feel like with my swimmer feet I have gross callouses and dead skin, and now my feet feel and look much smoother and well, just plain prettier.

So, the process was disgusting and a little unpleasant, but the result made using the Baby Foot peel well worth it, and I would definitely recommend it!

xx, Victoria
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