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Friday, June 27, 2014


Isn't this weird?! This is my 200th post today!

I'm pretty stoked about it though - I'm kinda surprised that I've kept up with this little corner of the internet for so long.

Today I wanted to share my favorite posts out of the last 100:

1. #YesAllWomen
I think I've decided that my favorite posts to write are ones where I find an event or situation that I feel strongly about, and I just write my opinion on it. I got a little controversial in this one... and I think that's why I love it.

2. Southern Stereotypes
This one was so much fun to write. I get so frustrated with how people perceive me simply based on where I'm from, and it was fun to think about all of the experiences I've had with people judging me upon hearing my southern accent. Plus the cover photo for this post just cracks me up.

3. Boy Presents (1 & 2)
I have the worst luck finding good gifts for my brother, dad, and boyfriend. I think I finally have a reference list...or two.

4. A word on patriotism
This one was also controversial, but like I said, those are the most fun to write. This post was a response to Memorial Day - how of course respect for our troops is necessary, but the wars they fight in are not.

5. Here's to the girls
Oh, how bittersweet writing this post was. It went live the day that I graduated from GPS, and man was it a heartbreaker. Commencement was the first time in my life that I've cried happy tears. I wouldn't consider myself an easy crier (unless you yell at me. Then I'll bawl.). For me, it was nice to put into words what my time at an all-girls prep school meant to me, and how I can already see its effects on me.

6. The most wonderful time of the year (1 & 2 & 3 & 4)
This was a 4-post series on AP Exams. I know, I know, dorky, but I enjoyed giving advice on topics that I felt comfortable advising readers on. I're not going to get any AP Calc advice from your girl here. APUSH though? Now that I can do.

7. The Switch
Last but not least, right? This post aired on April 1, 2014, and it was the day that I officially changed the name, URL, and entire brand of this blog. I went from the self-titled blog "Victoria" (aka I couldn't come up with a name other than my own) to a completely new creative space that I've been a gazillion more times proud of since changing the name.

Well, that rounds up my absolute favorite posts in the past 100 of them. Here's to another 100!

xx, Victoria
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