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Monday, June 30, 2014

Riverbend Re-Cap

I mentioned Riverbend in this post, but for those of you who missed out, I'll remind you - Chattanooga hosts an annual music festival downtown in mid-June. The featured artists range from fallen 80s bands, to country singers, to gospel performers, and pretty much everything in between.

I don't tend to love Riverbend. It's really hot, crowded, and people that I'm ashamed to share my hometown with show up. Essentially, downtown Chattanooga becomes redneck central.

However, when you throw in a few good friends, some awesome fireworks, and some pretty good music, it all works out just fine.

xx, Victoria
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beauty Brag

When I got my braces off (we are talking middle school people), I was not happy with how my teeth looked. I mean, they were straight and all, but my teeth were yellow.


I've seen the corny commercials too. The whole "2 hours or less you'll  have a whiter smile" stuff.

So, the final line is that these things do indeed work. Crest Whitestrips work!

But, I'm going to be honest - they hurt. They make my teeth very very sensitive and they hurt for several hours.

The bottom line is that I would recommend using them, but in small doses and spaced out. I can only use them every couple days, but they do work quite well!

xx, Victoria
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Friday, June 27, 2014


Isn't this weird?! This is my 200th post today!

I'm pretty stoked about it though - I'm kinda surprised that I've kept up with this little corner of the internet for so long.

Today I wanted to share my favorite posts out of the last 100:

1. #YesAllWomen
I think I've decided that my favorite posts to write are ones where I find an event or situation that I feel strongly about, and I just write my opinion on it. I got a little controversial in this one... and I think that's why I love it.

2. Southern Stereotypes
This one was so much fun to write. I get so frustrated with how people perceive me simply based on where I'm from, and it was fun to think about all of the experiences I've had with people judging me upon hearing my southern accent. Plus the cover photo for this post just cracks me up.

3. Boy Presents (1 & 2)
I have the worst luck finding good gifts for my brother, dad, and boyfriend. I think I finally have a reference list...or two.

4. A word on patriotism
This one was also controversial, but like I said, those are the most fun to write. This post was a response to Memorial Day - how of course respect for our troops is necessary, but the wars they fight in are not.

5. Here's to the girls
Oh, how bittersweet writing this post was. It went live the day that I graduated from GPS, and man was it a heartbreaker. Commencement was the first time in my life that I've cried happy tears. I wouldn't consider myself an easy crier (unless you yell at me. Then I'll bawl.). For me, it was nice to put into words what my time at an all-girls prep school meant to me, and how I can already see its effects on me.

6. The most wonderful time of the year (1 & 2 & 3 & 4)
This was a 4-post series on AP Exams. I know, I know, dorky, but I enjoyed giving advice on topics that I felt comfortable advising readers on. I're not going to get any AP Calc advice from your girl here. APUSH though? Now that I can do.

7. The Switch
Last but not least, right? This post aired on April 1, 2014, and it was the day that I officially changed the name, URL, and entire brand of this blog. I went from the self-titled blog "Victoria" (aka I couldn't come up with a name other than my own) to a completely new creative space that I've been a gazillion more times proud of since changing the name.

Well, that rounds up my absolute favorite posts in the past 100 of them. Here's to another 100!

xx, Victoria
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orientation Outfits

Orientation Outfits

When I was at orientation early last week, I met tons of people. There were lots of first impressions to be made.

This guy, bless his heart, showed up in jeans, tennis shoes, and a workout tank that was a couple sizes too small. I felt so bad for him because people already branded him as someone who didn't care about orientation (myself included... *shame*).

I know that many of y'all are off to orientation soon as well, so please make sure that you make the right first impression and that your outfit doesn't make you infamous before you even get to say hello.

I'd suggest something presentable, because you will be meeting tons and tons of people in addition to future professors. Aka, people that you don't want to remember you as "neon shirt football guy."

Another tip is to be comfortable. You'll have a long, jam-packed day chock-full of information and introductions, so make sure that you have walkable shoes, and something that you'll feel good spending approximately twelve hours in.

One more tip for orientation - get out there! Don't be afraid to walk up to someone and say "Hi! I'm ___!" Trust me, it isn't that horrifying.

xx, Victoria
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Daily Baubles

I don't tend to wear much jewelry. I don't like having something fussy on my hands, around my neck or wrists, or through my ears. So, the jewelry that I do wear everyday has to be classic, simple, and timeless.

Class Ring // Sapphire & Diamond Ring // Lily & Laura Bracelets // Kate Spade Bow Earrings // Moyna Clutch (I couldn't find it online, sorry! But if you're in Chattanooga, head down to Willa Collection at 2 North Shore and you'll find it there)

These all have emotional significance for me. My class ring reminds me of my time in high school, and I know I will always hold GPS dear to my heart. The sapphire ring was a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday, and I love it (even though it needs to be resized...oops). The Lily & Laura bracelets are easy to throw on with a not-so-lovely sport watch (lifeguarding problems) and make my wrists a little nicer to look at! Finally, the earrings were a gift from my dear friend Mary Grace, and she gave them to me for my chapel talk. They are beautiful and timeless.

What do you wear everyday?

xx, Victoria
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PS - no, that clutch isn't jewelry, but it is pretty darn cute, isn't it?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lust List {Dorm Edition}

*All photos from Pottery Barn Dorm.

The hunt for dorm bedding has begun.

I personally like Pottery Barn because my current bedding is from there, and I like the quality and how cute they are!

Another bonus - you can mix & match almost everything.

I have no idea what to get though because there are literally thousands and thousands of cute options online for dorm bedding these days.

What's a girl to do?

xx, Victoria
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Vloggers We Love

I am ashamed of how long it has been since one of these posts has gone up, but hey, it's up now, right?

Abby of Belleoftheball45 is a breakout YouTube-er and she's become one of my favorites. 

Why we love her:
1. She has classic, preppy style with a twist
2. Her videos are pertinent and full of fresh content
3. She's just adorable in general

Go subscribe to her channel!

xx, Victoria
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Saturday, June 21, 2014



I am in the market for a new backpack.

I think going to Memphis earlier this week got me super pumped for school this fall (that takes a lot to be honest), and I really want to run out right now and buy all new school supplies right this second.

I've had the same backpack since my freshman year of high school, and I think I might be due for a new one.

My requirements include: cup holders, a laptop pocket, ample room for books, good cushy orthopedic support, and a cute enough appearance.

Which one should I get?!

xx, Victoria
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Friday, June 20, 2014


I got to spend Monday & Tuesday in Memphis for orientation! Ahh!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Rhodes is?

Anyways, the whole family drove down on Sunday evening, making it our first full-family road trip in quite some time. Monday morning I was off to campus to meet future classmates, my roommate, have my student ID made, and sign up for classes!

I loved every second of it and cannot wait to call that castle-esque home come August!

xx, Victoria
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Thursday, June 19, 2014


A few weeks ago, a 22-year old man killed several women in California. Elliot Rodgers, that was his name.

Prior to the massacre, Elliot filmed a video explaining why he hated women, why he would kill them. After killing these women, he killed himself, and a "manifesto" that he had written was found.

Besides the horrifying nature of this story, the response has been quite overwhelming, particularly on social media. Many people have been so taken aback by young Mr. Rodgers' views that they have began to attack the misogynistic ways of today's society. 


Let me say this before you read my next point: I agree. I think American culture and rape culture have become horrifyingly synonymous. I don't go out alone at night, I have pepper spray on me at all times, and I lock my car doors when driving through a rough part of town. I need streetlights and company, and I have a general fear of who or what is outside my door at any given time of day.

However, I don't think that this gives me the right to become a misandrist out of hatred for mysoginists. Is a guy in a hoodie going to freak me out at night? Yes. I'll admit that. And guys like Elliot Rodger scare me too. But I want to be clear when I say that I believe that the #YesAllWomen movement has validity. I also want to be clear that there is a line. 

I believe that rape culture is real. That in general, women's bodies are put on display and seen as things that belong to men. I also believe that it is a strong generalization to say that all men are automatically geared to attack in the way that Elliot Rodger did. 

Yes, Elliot Rodger did a horrible, horrible thing. He murdered innocent women because they didn't respond to him the way he wanted to. But that fact does not give me the right to automatically assume every single guy is out to have his way with me or that every man has an evil side to his heart. I don't believe that every man is a misogynist. 

What do you think about the #YesAllWomen movement? If you don't feel comfortable sharing in the comment box, feel free to e-mail me instead. 

For additional reading on Elliot Rodger and the #YesAllWomen movement, read this article in the Washington Post and this article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, written by my seventh grade American Studies teacher.

xx, Victoria
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*A misandrist is a person who holds general prejudice & hatred for men, and a misogynist is a person who holds general prejudice & hatred for women. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Southern Sqweezed

I think we're all somewhat familiar with the whole juice trend. Why eat your vegetables when you can drink them, right?

Well, I'm not a picky eater in terms of taste, but in terms of texture, I am so so picky. 

So, before John left, we decided to take the dogs out for a walk, and try a new local business, Southern Sqweeze

Now, like I said, texture is a big deciding factor in whether or not I like a food or drink. So, when John tried a pineapple wheatgrass juice, and I tried a watermelon lime one, I'll admit that I was hesitant about what was going to happen. I was expecting some weird, granola-esque drink that would be full of fruit particles and that I would've wasted my money on.

I was so wrong.

I was pleasantly surprised by how light and tasty the juices were (I stole a little bit of John's too), plus, taking Sadie anywhere instantly makes for a more fun trip.

If you are ever in the Chattanooga area, head down Hixson Pike, coming from downtown, and you'll see Southern Sqweeze tucked behind Tremont Tavern & The Farmer's Daughter on the left.

xx, Victoria
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PS - this picture is the raw shot from the Afterlight post!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School's Out - Now what?

Sunday, my newest article on the Smart Girl's Loop went live! Just in case you missed it, here it is ;)



So, school’s out. If you aren’t old enough to have a job, or if things just didn’t work out and you aren’t working at an internship or anything like that, summer can get pretty boring pretty quickly. 

I remember being bored out of my mind as June came to a close and July began. The glamour of sleeping in had worn off, the heat was starting to get unbearable, and none of my friends seemed to be in town at the same times I was.

Over the years, I finally figured out some things that made the long, hazy days more fun!

There are always people who need help. Be it your mom with making dinner, your local hospital, or the animal shelter in the next county. Get online and scope out some volunteer opportunities for kids your age in your area. Even better, you can recruit a friend into going with you, and make it 10x more fun!

Create something
A girl in my senior class created a camp for girls in her neighborhood last summer, and it was super successful. She had about 10 girls over to her house every day, and hosted them with activities from slip-n’-slides, painting, baking, etc. If you are terribly bored and want to give all the hardworking parents in your neighborhood a break, create the camp and put up fliers all around your neighborhood to attract the campers.

Get ahead
Yep, schoolwork. This may or may not be a last resort, but hey it’ll help you in the long run. Do all of your summer reading, and if you really want to go the extra mile, e-mail your teachers and ask for any extra credit opportunities. Your GPA will be grateful later.

I hope that these ideas help you all with some ways to fill your summer!

Have a great day!

xx, Victoria

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Modest is the hottest

Modest is the hottest

I hate bikinis. As much as I would love to wear one, I just don't feel comfortable showing that much skin.

So, when I set out to find some more modest options, I braced myself for an uphill battle. I mean, I was expecting a sea of Spanx-y black one pieces, but I was so pleasantly surprised by what I found on Polyvore alone!

I mean, look at that blue one shouldered ruffle suit. That is perhaps the most precious thing I've ever seen, am I right?

And can we just take a moment to appreciate how high-waisted bottoms are in style? Yes.

xx, Victoria
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