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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Smart Girls Group Debut!

Ahh I am SO excited to announce that I am now a Loop Writer for the Smart Girls Group!


As my duties as a writer for the High School section of the Loop, I have a monthly article, and this is my very first one!
Graduation Etiquette
Congratulations! You made it!

If you are a graduating senior, major kudos to you for surviving high school, AP exams, and just getting here. Graduation is a bittersweet time for us seniors, because we are about to leave the life we know behind, but it is also a time to move on to the next chapter in our lives.

Part of being a Smart Girl is making sure that you do the right thing, especially in terms of etiquette. By now, you probably have your graduation announcements and are mid-planning if you are having a graduation party.

The Announcements
If your school sends out formal announcements, the announcements will have two envelopes. The outer one must be addressed formally – ex.,
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
123 Main Street
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 34909-1443

But the inside envelope (yes there are two…silly I know) can be addressed more casually, like
Uncle Jim and Aunt Sally
123 Main St.
Signal Mtn. TN, 34909

The Attire
So, then, all of your friends and family come to graduation, you get that diploma, and then it’s time for pictures. Depending on your school, your graduation dress codes may be completely different. I know of a school that has their girls wear white formal, floor-length dresses, and some let the boys wear athletic shorts.

Generally, I would recommend a modest and timeless dress. The key is to wear something that you can look back on in thirty years and still find appropriate and flattering. If you haven’t been to a graduation ceremony at your school before, do a little digging in last year’s yearbook or on Facebook to see what prior graduates have worn.

The Celebration          
After your big photo-op, you might be having a graduation party. If you are, make sure to be a gracious hostess, and mingle with all of your guests no matter how much or little you like them. Remember that your guests are there to honor you, so just be the Smart Girl that you are and say hello to everyone and make sure that they have everything that they need.

When the party ends, help clean up. No matter where the party is, be it at your home, a local venue, or someone else’s home, offer to help clean up.

The Notes
The next day, as you are recovering from your amazing graduation experience, take an inventory. It is likely that you received a gift, or several, so write out a list of what gifts you received and who gave them to you. From there, write thank-you notes and send them promptly. One to two weeks is an appropriate time to send them out.

Again, congratulations on graduating. It’s a pivotal moment in your life, and it’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this point in your life. Here’s to 2014!

Be sure to check out The Loop for daily articles from other Smart Sisters! I am so honored to be a part of such a great organization, and can't wait to continue writing for The Loop!

xx, Victoria

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