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Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day

As I mentioned on Wednesday, May Day was this week. It was a blast! Click here for an explanation of what May Day is.

The theme this year was "100 years of May Day" because it was my school's 100th year of having May Day festivities.

Warning - there are a ton of pictures in this post.

This was such a stressful/fun day. As my mom was zipping up my dress, one of the teeth off of the zipper broke, thus making my dress unable to zip up. My friend Emily (in the purple-y dress with the high neck) called her mom and had her come in and help. She's a lifesaver because she took my dress and made a new zipper then sewed me into the dress, just in case.

Once we got outside, it was raining. Yep, raining. It had been raining all day long, let up around 2, when the pageant was to begin, the rain came back. It was drizzly, so we never stopped the pageant, but it was stressful!

It was very fitting to our class though. As a group, we've been through so much together and are so close.

It was a wonderful day that I know I will never forget!

xx, Victoria
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