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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Faux Glow

Do y'all remember how I said April was the "month of glam?"

Well, last week was where it all came down to it. Wednesday was May Day (see here for an explanation and here for a recap) and Saturday was my senior prom (brb, crying). 

I really really hate how pale I am, no matter what season it is. If you bronze easily I'm incredibly jealous of you.


Often, people will suggest that I just hit up the tanning bed a couple times to give myself the glow I so desperately seek. However, after my dad's bout with melanoma, along with my tendencies to burn worse than a ginger, a tanning bed just isn't the right solution for me. 

I only get spray tans for special events, but I love getting them. I feel so nice and well...tan after and I think my eyes pop more on my skin when I'm a little tan.

Anyways, one of the things that's worst about spray tans is that they don't last long. However, after getting them a few times, I've figured out how to best maintain them...

Right before you go, shower and shave. Exfoliate if you can. A loofa should do the trick! Do not put any lotion or deodorant on. It'll mess with the tanning formula and make it not work. 

When you finish getting the spray tan, be careful. If you live somewhere humid like me, no matter how long you stand in front of that fan, you won't be dry. Wear loose clothing - I mean dad's t-shirt and norts clothing. You'll look a little gross heading home, but who cares, right? You're tan!


Don't shower. Don't do it. Wait at least 24 hours if you can before you hop in the water. When you do, try to be as gentle as possible. Avoid using your harshest acne scrub for a few days if you can, and don't exfoliate until you consciously try to scrub the tan off. 

Be conscious of what lotion you use. Apparently more lotions than not use alcohol in them, which dries your skin out. The best thing you can do for your spray tan is to keep it moisturized. The more you can lock in that top layer of skin, the more it will last.


As long as you take care of your tan, it'll last a few days for you, and hopefully stay even!

xx, Victoria
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