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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dancing Queen

I suck at dancing. I just don't move in a smooth way or in a way that is attractive in any way.

One of the things that happens at an event where there is dancing (i.e. school dances/prom) is sweat.

Sweat happens.

Often, my makeup starts to slide around once I start sweating, be it due to nerves, heat, people conglomerated together, whatever it is, every single blemish I worked so hard to cover is gone.

Hellooooo, acne & dark circles.

Oh, I want to cringe looking at it! You can see how shiny my face is when just 2 hours prior my makeup was clean and matte.

After this dance, I messed around with a few new products and figured out how to get my makeup to stay put!

Primer & Powder
I'm not one to go out and spend gobs of money on a product that I'll use a ton of, especially if I'm worried about it clogging up my skin even more. I use both of Neutrogena's Shine Control products for both primer and finishing powder.


Not too much foundation
I think part of my problem was that I was practically caking on my makeup. Besides the fact that this is terrible for your skin, it also means that when you start sweating, you melt. In the picture above, you see how frazzled my face looks and how uneven my complexion was. My skin has cleared up a lot since that dance in December, but of course I still get blemishes. 

When I was finally confident enough to not use so much makeup, when I did sweat, it didn't look like I was a dripping mess. Since there wasn't that much makeup there to begin with, my makeup didn't slide off or around my face, and if it did it wasn't nearly as noticeable.

These two tricks have been so helpful through May Day and prom, two notoriously warm events, and I'll be using them this weekend for graduation (!!!).

xx, Victoria
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PS - if the title of this post made you want to listen to some Mama Mia, here's the song Dancing Queen. Happy Tuesday!

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