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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 day wave

I think I've mentioned this a gajillion times already, but graduation was this past weekend. Essentially, I curled my hair on Friday night and didn't wash it until Monday morning.

Besides the fact that this seriously goes against my hair rules (I am an obsessive hair washer. Usually 2x a day. Bad, I know...), it had to be done. This wasn't the first time that I hadn't washed my hair in a few days, but in my defense it was only because I loved the style and needed it to stay. 

The first photo was taken on Saturday morning, and the second on Sunday morning (I didn't take on Friday night, sorry!). I liked how as time went on, my hair got looser but still held a wave. 

Here's how to keep the waves:

Day 1
Curl tightly - I mean Shirley Temple curls. Ridiculous looking ringlets that belong in a circus. That's what you want to start with.

Spray it in - use copious amounts of hairspray. My personal favorite is Herbal Essences Volumizing Spray because it is inexpensive and accessible, plus it actually works. However, after you mist it all over your head (flip your hair over and spray it too, by the way), make sure you comb through. If not, the hairspray can make your hair a little chunky and nobody wants that.

Day 2
Brush through - get all of the tangles out. This will loosen the curl a lot, but it should bounce right back. If it doesn't bounce back the way you want, re-curl a few of the pieces.

Dry shampoo - I use a Tresemm√© dry shampoo, again because of the accessibility. A pump of that gets any extra grease that might have accumulated out of my hair and cuts down on product buildup. 

Re-curl - if needed, re-do a couple pieces on low heat, and gently comb through. After this step, throw on some more hairspray. Just a light veil ought to do it.

Day 3
Comb through - at this point, not much of the original curl is left. Likely, you have a gentle wave. So today, comb through instead of brush. Get the tangles out of course, but try not to pull too hard on your hair. 

Dry shampoo - again!

Shine spray - on the third day, hair can start looking a little dull or super oily, so once the dry shampoo clears up all of the grease, use a shine spray to re-instill a little bit of gloss to your hair.

If you have any tips to keep a hairstyle for a few more days, please let me know! It always makes me sad to have to shampoo away a hairstyle that I love.

xx, Victoria
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