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Monday, April 14, 2014

Yes, they still matter...


Manners matter.

My life is changing a lot lately. I just turned 18 (holla!), am going to college, am about to graduate, and that's just the basic stuff. One of the things that I've noticed is also (unfortunately) changing a lot lately is the way that people treat each other. I don't want to be that nagging person, but these are a few things that drive me up a wall, and that still need to be done, especially when communicating with employers, business partners, teachers, or even fellow students.

1. Call people back.
Just do it. It will take less that five minutes, almost always, and if anything it just says to the caller, "hey, I got your message, I understand, and I can/can't do it." It's just courteous if you ask me. You're on your phone 24/7 anyways, so why not spend 5 minutes helping someone else know that you got their message?

2. E-mail people back.
Again, something that just needs to be done. I know that we all have 80,000 e-mails that come through our inboxes every day, but for people you are working with, be it on a project, a blog post, paper, etc., just e-mailing them back reiterates that you have received the message.

3. Be nice when you call or e-mail them back.
I know your grandma called you for the sixth time that week, but be nice to her when you do call her back. She calls because she cares. In the case of your boss or teacher, try to hold the sass and vent to your BFF later. I personally find myself very frustrated with my teachers a lot of the time, but if you get agitated with them, whatever you're working on will get a whole lot worse. If you need help on a project, and get mad at your teacher for assigning a certain procedure or for the way he/she grades, I can almost guarantee that your grade will have just dropped at least five points.

4. Admit it when you make a mistake.
A few weeks ago, I commented on a post thread on Facebook (the Her Campus Blogger Network posts a "post thread" every day where members can link up their latest posts for feedback from fellow HCBN bloggers!), and I accidentally pasted in just the standard link to my blog, not the direct post. One of the moderators commented back and asked me to correct my link. I felt awkward and embarrassed, because even though she had done no such thing, I felt like I was being called out in front of the entire network. I was really just embarrassed that I made a mistake. So, I decided to laugh it off. I posted back "oops! I must've posted the standard link out of habit. Here's the right link! Sorry! :)."

By choosing to handle this situation lightheartedly, I corrected my mistake, and now it's not a big deal. If I had taken the comment personally it could have been though.

So yeah, I'm that girl who is being your digital mom. But really though, I wouldn't post about this if it wasn't important. Many adults feel that the art of communication is quickly being lost, and I can't say I disagree with them. A phone call or e-mail honestly takes less than five minutes, so even though you'll have to cut your Pinterest break a little short, you'll gain the respect of your teachers, co-workers, grandma, and classmates. Isn't that worth it?

xx, Victoria
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