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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Switch

So, when you logged on today, you might have been a little bit confused.

You probably noticed that my usual header had been replaced, and not just with a different version of "Victoria" but with something that says "Memphis Made."

Let me explain.

To be honest, I only named this blog "Victoria" because that's my name and I had no idea what to call this thing except for that. But, now that I'm officially enrolled in college and will be moving to Memphis next year, the change seemed appropriate.

I rattled around with tons and tons of different blog titles, and have for months since starting this thing back in October. Of course my decision to go to Rhodes was based on academics, athletics, and all other wonderful programs that they have, but it was also based on another thing - personal growth.

One of my favorite parts about being a senior this year is having a chance to pause and see how much I've changed over the past few years of high school. I remember being a dorky, awkward, and painfully obnoxious freshman, and now I feel (at least dearly hope) that I have social skills and am not quite so loud.

As I began to realize how much I've changed in high school, I also realized that I like who I am now a whole lot more than I did then. And I decided that in college, I want to continue to refine myself and hone in my strengths and work on my weaknesses as I find them.

So, since I'm going to an absolutely amazing school, I really feel that college is going to be an even bigger time of change for me. I can already see how the new people, the new place, and the new me will be a sharper, kinder, and more prepared version of myself. I am so looking forward to who I will become in the next four years at Rhodes, and that when I graduate, I will be Memphis Made.

xx, Victoria
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  1. Picking a blog name is one of the hardest things to do! I'm glad you found one you like. :)


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