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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The day that is not in May

Today is May Day!

At my school, May Day is not really the standard May Day. For starters it isn't in May, and the purpose of celebrating May Day as a school is to celebrate the seniors, not fertility or Lilly's newest summer collection hitting stores.

Basically, the seniors are presented in floor-length gowns and then, after a great deal of pomp & circumstance, the seniors sit, and the underclassmen dance. The 6-11th graders each have a class dance, and they are voluntary. After all of the younger girls dance, the sophomores come out and weave the May Poles.

Can you see which one is me? ;)

These pictures are from last year's May Day celebration, where I snapped some pictures with some good then-senior friends of mine!

Since I'm a senior this year, I will be honored at May Day! I am so excited to spend this special day with members of my class and realize that I finally made it to this point! A full re-cap as well as pictures will be coming soon ;)

Happy May Day!

xx, Victoria
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