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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Study Break!

Oh, the end of the school year. It's such a tough time of year. My school has changed a lot of things about how school runs this year, and I am so frustrated, words cannot describe.

I feel like I want to pull my hair out half of the time, but then it would frizz out and I would go even crazier. My to-do list is building up and slowly getting longer, and longer, and it's just so...overwhelming.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have so much to do where you just don't know where to start?

That's how I feel right now.

When I do finally start my work (after I figure out where to start, that is), I oftentimes find that I need a study break. Depending on how much time I allow myself, I can do a slew of different activities.

5 minutes
Get up, get some water (or green tea...#addicted), run to the restroom, use some nice hand soap, splash some water on your face, and re-do your hair.

10 minutes
Cut up some fruit, go say hi to your dog, have a dance party, and re-organize a small section of your desk.

15 minutes
Walk around the block, check social media platforms, text a few friends back.

30 minutes
Walk around the block, make a quick snack, check a task off of your to-do list, pick up your room, or do a load of laundry. PS - a made bed will feel glorious when you finally do get to go to sleep!

45 minutes
Re-locate and watch an episode of something on Netflix (Mad Men is my new favorite!), and paint your nails while you watch.

1 hour
Take a walk, check social media, watch something on Netflix, clean your room, do some dishes, etc. Combine some of the tasks from the previous lists.

On my study breaks, I still like to be productive. I just like to do other things that are not academic, like light chores, or something that I don't mind as much like walking my dogs.

What do you do on your study breaks?

xx, Victoria
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xx, Victoria