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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Senior year is insane. I've said it before, I'll say it again, but upcoming seniors, y'all need to prepare yourselves.

Because so much is going on, I figured I'd give y'all a quick little update ;)

I went to Memphis this past weekend for Admitted Students Day and had a blast! Every time I go back, I fall in love with the school again and seriously can't wait to be a student there next year!


It's down to the wire (thankfully). Senioritis is really starting to kick in, but AP exams are so close (ugh). It's time for me to crack out my AP review books & study guides...

Wahoo I got asked to prom!
A few people were a little bit confused about how I was asked, so here's the real story: John (boyfriend) texted me and told me that he was coming to school to bring me Starbucks. I was highly suspicious of him doing this, but hey, it's free Starbucks, so I was definitely ok with it. When I went outside to meet him, he handed me the coffee, and then told me to close my eyes. He then handed me another Starbucks cup, but this one had flowers in it, and said "Prom?" on it.

Prom can't come fast enough!

In other news, I feel like I'm kinda alone every weekend because all of my friends are rowers, and they all have regattas pretty much every weekend for the rest of the school year. Maybe it's a sign that I should spend more time studying...

Which I guess I should go do now! An AP History & English study guide post is coming soon, so if you are taking those classes stay tuned for that! If you need help with science, check out this post that I did last week on my tips and tricks for doing well in science classes.

xx, Victoria
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  1. Omg your school is gorg! Even though it's stressful, it's such a fun time! Thanks for linking up to the Tea Party!
    Keep Calm and Blog On

  2. AH the part about your boyfriend is TOO CUTE :D have fun at prom!


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