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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

17 going on 18

I feel old.

Friday, I celebrated my birthday and it was wonderful. I was in a great mood all day, the weather was my favorite (stormy), and the cafeteria even had my favorite lunch at school. I also bought my first lottery ticket, and lost (expected).

However, I did end up winning big that night, because my parents were incredibly generous. Please know that by posting this I am in no ways trying to brag or be flashy about this, but rather I wanted to express that I am so excited and grateful that my parents can and did give me an amazing gift, which for privacy reasons, I am choosing not to disclose.

After I cried from excitement, we went out to dinner as a family and with about 3 of my closest friends and my boyfriend.

Then, on Sunday, I had a joint birthday lunch with my friend Lauren (in the sling in some of the pictures...bless her heart!). Our birthdays are about a week apart, and we celebrated together last year with all of our friends as well.

And yes, I am a (partial) outfit repeater. I wore the same Anthropologie skirt to both functions, and have worn it many times before (it isn't available online anymore! So sorry!).

It was such a great weekend to spend time with family and friends, and celebrate such a big birthday. I am so grateful for everyone in my life, and hope that we all stay close when we leave for college.

xx, Victoria
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  1. Happy belated! Congratulations on turning 18!


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