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Monday, March 31, 2014

Stop & Save

My first semester of this year, I went to Starbucks almost every single day. I blew through over one thousand dollars by November. I found myself scrambling for money around the holidays to pay for gifts for my friends and family and even ended up in debt after getting into a car accident.

Learn from my terrible mistakes and stop the following things to save your money!

Stop paying for coffee.
You can make it at home or in your dorm room. When I finally stopped going to my beloved Starbucks everyday, I found that I actually liked the coffee at home better. Now, I don't even crave Starbucks anymore (go me!) and when I drive by it I don't feel the need to go.

Stop being a chauffeur. 
Even in the picture above of my Starbucks, you can see that I was quite low on gas. I personally love to drive and I like being able to take my friends anywhere and everywhere they want to go. However, gas really adds up over time. I looked at my spending statements from the past month and I spent about $100 on gas in a month alone. I have decent gas milage and don't even drive very far every day, however it adds up quickly. If your friend is dying to go to the mall, meet up and carpool. The best way to save money on gas without being stringent with your friends is to alternate and carpool!

Stop hoarding old clothes.
I am the worst at this. I have a shirt that I wore to my sixth grade dance in my closet sad is that? I haven't worn it in approximately 5 years and yet, there it is, still taking up space in my already small closet.

Clean out your closet. Seriously, do it. I even have a space in my planner this weekend to clean it out and that shirt will be going to Plato's to be sold! Definitely check out places where you live where you can sell your gently used clothes. They may not give you the money you were hoping for, but hey, it's still money. And it counts.

Stop fearing coupons.
To be honest, and this will sound bad, I thought that coupons were tacky for a long time. I really did not like admitting that I wanted to save money on whatever I was buying (which is ridiculous). But, in light of my Starbucks-account-draining extravaganza, I have become a fan of the coupon. Now, a coupon is not a license to buy whatever you want just because it's on sale, but more like if you need something and you have a coupon, you're in luck because you're going to save some money!

I get e-mails from my favorite stores every so often that say what coupons are available at the time, and when I genuinely need or want something (CVS cards are the bomb, seriously), I'll go for it!

Please let me know if you have any other tips or tricks for saving money! I always need more help in this department!

xx, Victoria
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