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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm the Boss

Have you guys seen the campaign for Ban Bossy yet?

It's pretty amazing. So amazing that I'm writing this post during class (sorry it's just that awesome). After seeing it literally everywhere in the past 24 hours (Beyoncé, The College Prepster, even my headmaster tweeted about it), I knew that I had to find out what it was.

Essentially, it is a campaign led by Lean In to end the stereotyping of young girls that if they are assertive in any way, they are bossy. The campaign is calling "bossy" the new "b-word," and it is so on point.

In my tenure as swim team captain this year, I was called many things, one of them being bossy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was assertive, I was driven, and I wanted my team to be the very best they could be. And yeah, I guess that made me bossy. But I don't regret taking initiative and going after what I thought was the best for my team. They asked me to make the school care about them, and I did everything in my power to do that. They asked me for better trip organization, and I took it up with my coach and the athletic director to make that happen. I was asked to lead, and so I lead.

Perhaps that did make me bossy. However, this campaign is urging young women everywhere to not shy away from being the boss. As women, we are encouraged to be quiet, meek, and polite, and quite frankly the world just doesn't work that way anymore. I want to be successful, I want to be amazing, and I don't think the fact that I know what I want and that I will go get it is a bad thing.

Ambition should not be regarded as a flaw.

So, today I encourage you all to ban bossy. Being bossy is becoming a derogatory term, and it shouldn't be. Take a tip from this campaign, and be ambitions, be driven, be wonderful, and don't you dare ever, ever, apologize for it.

Here's the video for the campaign, which features several successful women in America, such as Condoleeza Rice, Jennifer Garner, Jane Lynch, Beyoncé, and many others that you'll recognize.
As feminism continues to gain support and momentum, I have seen so many campaigns coming out to boost confidence and ambition in young girls and women. This is probably the best one I've seen so far because of it's clear and simple message - girls can do anything. 

And yes, that means you too.

xx, Victoria

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