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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Post: The PDX Prepster

For the second guest post this week, I have another great post for you all. Natalie, or the PDX Prepster, has kindly written a post for you all on sorority recruitment do's and don'ts. As someone who is planning on going through recruitment next fall, her wisdom is so helpful and honest. Also, be sure to check out my post on her blog! We did a little swap since we're both traveling for spring break this week ;)

"My Sorority Recruitment Experience: Do’s and Don’ts:

When Victoria contacted me about doing a guest post, I was thrilled when she asked me to write about sorority recruitment. I loved my sorority recruitment experience, and am already prepping for my first recruitment as a member of Delta Gamma. Greek Life isn’t right for everyone, but I’m so happy I went through recruitment (I was a little hesitant about it at first). I ended up in a wonderful sisterhood and met friends in other Greek houses along the way.  Here is a list of what I learned through my experience! So glad I get to share it!


1.       Do Be Yourself- Unless you’re prepared to keep up appearances for four years, be who you are and not who you think a chapter is looking for. The best way to join a sisterhood that you will truly bond with is to be you.  I can’t stress this enough.

2.       Do Ask Questions (Important Ones!)- It’s important to understand the individual style each chapter you’re considering, so asking honest questions about the house is oh so important! In my experience you will only have a short time to talk to each girl when visiting a party, so make your time with them useful and informative. Don’t waste too much time talking about your dorm, where you’re from, or major (and believe me they will ask!) Ask them questions like “What’s your favorite part about living in the house?” and “What are some of your favorite memories with your sisters?” to get a feel for if the sisterhood is a fit for you.

3.       Do Dress to Impress- Dress nicely and appropriately but make sure not to overdo it! Your recruitment guides (Rho Gammas) should be able to give you some idea of what to wear to each event. Other girls who have gone through recruitment are your best source for info! Ask the Greek ladies in your life to give you some advice.

4.       Do Keep Your Mind Open- Don’t get your heart set on one house, the house that you don’t notice in the beginning may just be the perfect sisterhood for you. Enter recruitment with an open mind, and a positive outlook, it will all work out.


1.       Don’t Trust “Sorority Girl” Stereotypes- Don’t trust what you hear around campus about one house or another, decisions about a chapter should be made by you and you only. You can throw other “sorority” stereotypes out the window as well, you don’t have to show up in head to toe “Lilly and Pearls” wear for a chapter to consider you. My house hadn’t even heard of Lilly Pulitzer, Imagine how awkward I felt when I was the only one in a Lilly print shift my first day. Oops!

2.       Don’t Dress Uncomfortably- Make sure to be comfortable, recruitment is a long process and you don’t want to be that girl with blisters through the whole week due to high heel trouble (AKA. Me! Yikes!). Bring pair of comfy flats to slip into between parties. And don’t wear anything too tight, restricting, or anything you have to adjust (Hello, Strapless dresses!).

3.       Don’t Name Drop (Sorority Style) - If you previously knew any girls in the house you’re at, wait for them to come to talk to you. And don’t talk about how you know them; you would be amazed at how often I heard this kind of stuff when going through recruitment.  Some houses have rules about girls talking to freshman that they already know, so unless they were your best bud in high school chill out and wait till they choose to say hi. Same goes with name dropping alumni you know, the girls in the house truly want to know about who you are not who you know.

4.       Don’t Pass Up “Unpopular” Houses- Often after finishing up at a house, I would hear other girls talking about how bad the house was when walking away. IGNORE THIS!! Just because a house isn’t a favorite for others doesn’t mean it’s a bad house overall. Don’t write off an unpopular house, it may just be the sisterhood for you. Keep an open mind, and act gracious at every party you’re called back to."

Again, I hope this helps you all calm down a little bit about recruitment. I must remember to read these again before going off to college! 

xx, Victoria

PS - check out my guest post on her blog!

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