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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauty Brag

I am so awful at painting my nails.  I usually end up with a clumpy, sloppy mess no matter how hard I try to keep the polish actually on my nails. Although I've gotten better at keeping the polish where it should be, I am still awful about keeping it smooth.

Basically, I'm impatient and smudge my nails every single time because I start to move around before they are completely dry.

However, I think I have finally found a product that helps prevent my clumsy impatient ways from ruining a perfectly good manicure.

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When used with Essie's "All in One" topcoat and base coat, my nails hardly ever smudge. I still have to be patient with them, but it greatly reduces the chance that I will still smudge my nails.

I would recommend still waiting about 10 minutes after you apply the drops, but these are a great drugstore option to speed up nail-drying time!

xx, Victoria

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