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Friday, February 28, 2014

Trusting the System

If you know me at all, you know that I am a serious worrier. It's quite a problem. I get very anxious and nervous about anything and everything important coming up, be it a quiz in Calculus or applying for a new job.

My first instinct is not to go with the flow. I don't automatically believe that everything is going to be fine, and I often make myself sick over something that's going to happen. For example, the week before I was supposed to hear from Rhodes, my parents went out of the country, leaving me in charge of my brother, our house, and our three dogs, one of which has an illness, for an entire week.

I was in panic mode. In addition to everything I had to do regularly (homework, swim practice, etc.), I was now responsible for 4 other lives and a house. I'll admit, I was so relieved when they came home. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off of my shoulders, because that same day I received my acceptance letter, and I was no longer responsible for running my household.

However, I learned so much from that week. What I should've done, was to be confident and calm throughout the duration of my parents' absence. They clearly trusted me to take care of everything, and it all turned out just fine.

I am a big believer in the idea that if someone or something didn't think you could handle it, they wouldn't have asked you to do it.

So, I'm coming up with a new mantra for myself - "Trust the system." This means trusting that a teacher's review packet is enough, or that my parents know what they're doing when they ground me for a week. It's essentially letting go of things I cannot control.

My reasoning for this is that when I get stressed about something, I just need to remind myself that everything will be alright. All I need to do is trust the system.

xx, Victoria


  1. great advice to lessen your worrying and just trust that things will work out as they should :)

  2. Thank you! And what a great blog you have! Definitely adding that to my daily reads :)
    xx, Victoria


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