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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Lion

If you know my friend Emily at all, you know that she has major ambition. She is: a coxswain, an award-winning model UN delegate, former class president, talented violin player, brilliant mathematician, and that's only a handful of the things she does.

She's pretty much superwoman (did I mention her ridiculously high GPA?).

Earlier this month, she gave her chapel talk (see mine & an explanation of what that is here). Her focus was on not being afraid to go after what you want, regardless of what others may say or think. She talked about having ambition for yourself and for your friends.

I think she had some great points. She talked about how in general, girls are afraid to be ambitious for fear of coming off too strong, or for looking like...well, you know what the word is.

I stumbled upon this quote on Tumblr, and was instantly inspired to do something with in in Graphic Design class.

After making this graphic, I realized that this definitely ties in with Emily's chapel talk. Her talk was about not being afraid to get what you want, and not letting others bring you down. This quote hit home for me. Often, I will change my opinion just to be more likable. How sad is that?! I shouldn't ever have to do that, and neither should you.

Today, take a tip from my friend Emily. Be bold, be fearless, and go get what you want.

And remember, "A lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep."

xx, Victoria

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