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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Plan

As you all probably know, I adore my planner. My life is contained in a few hundred pages of spiraled Lilly goodness, and to me that's just perfect. Today, I decided I would do another post on my planner(s) (see my previous one here).

I've actually branched out to use two small Lilly notebooks to organize my everyday to-do lists and then a separate notebook for all swim-related stuff.

I do this because I like my planner to contain only assignments and meetings. Random to-do lists make it look cluttered and like I have too much going on (although I actually do have too much going on). These notebooks are even in my two favorite prints, May Flowers & Lucky Charms.
Please excuse my messy desk!

As you can see by some of the sample pages above, I have a ton of stuff going on at all times between my academic workload, my swim schedule/planning, this blog, and other various things. It's pretty crazy, but by using these two smaller notebooks, I can separate my school, swimming, and blogging agendas and stay on top of it all!

xx, Victoria

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