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Monday, January 13, 2014

English Study Skills

I would consider myself pretty good at English. I would also consider it one of the hardest classes to study for. Over the years, I've finally figured out a way to study for the different types of English tests or quizzes that I've been presented with.

1. Vocabulary
Flashcards or Quizlet is the best way to go here. You have to learn to spit out the answers quickly which helps you master the material, not just learn it.

2. AP Writes (in-class essays)
You can't do much to prepare for these, but you can familiarize yourself with the type of write you have - rhetorical, analytical, synthesis, poetry, tragedy, etc. This helps you learn the format of what the AP graders/your teacher is looking for. If you don't have the formula for the certain type of write you're doing, just look it up on the internet. Most AP workbooks will spell all the necessary components out for you.

3. Short-Answer
These are usually for books, and they are usually plot, scene, or quotation explications. The best way to prepare for these is to look on SparkNotes for their sample questions and go from there. Those usually give you a ball-park of what your teacher will be looking for.

4. Grammar
If you're in high school, hopefully your grammar test days are over. But, if you still have grammar tests, the best way to study for them is to get sample sentences and practice with them. You can often look to your textbook or online resources (Purdue has an awesome online grammar lab!) for help.

I hope this helps all of you English students out there!

xx, Victoria

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