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Friday, January 10, 2014

Athlete Travel Essentials

Today we're heading to Atlanta! I'm so excited to swim against an awesome team and spend some time with my own awesome team. As I was packing last night, I mentally compiled a list of all of my travel essentials for out of town competitions, and I decided I should share it with y'all!

1. Yoga Pants
Buses are typically cold and uncomfortable, so some comfy pants go a long way to making it more bearable.

2. iPod
For obvious reasons, you need all of your music to get you pumped for competition.

3. Camelbak
You have to stay super hydrated for anything competitive, so bringing a water bottle that won't spill is great for traveling with the team.

4. Portable Charger
My phone battery lasts about 2 seconds on the road, and throwing a portable charger in my bag makes a huge difference.

5. Ear Warmers
For swimmers, our wet hair keeps us very cold for hours after a meet, so ear warmers help just a little (plus these are super cute!).

6. Pillow Pet
For bus naps.

7. Blanket
Also for bus naps.

8. Burt's Bees
I cannot get comfortable if I have chapped lips. I just can't! Burt's Bees is by far my favorite lip balm and I can't go anywhere without having a tube on me!

9. Granola Bar
If I'm hungry, I'll reach for whatever is available, and that can lead to me picking something unhealthy that will negatively affect my performance in the pool.

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What do y'all take on trips with you?

xx, Victoria

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