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Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 Artists We Haven't Heard from in a While {and are missing}

Have y'all noticed that when musicians come out with awesome stuff, after the buzz about their new album or tour dies down, they seem to just...vanish? I was thinking about this the other day and realized that there are 5 major artists that seem to be missing off the charts lately:

1. Adele
After her son was born, Adele seems to have gone missing. However, last night (January 4) tragedy struck as her beachside home was destroyed by a tidal wave. While we all eagerly await her return, here's my favorite Adele song, Turning Tables.

2. Maroon 5
I don't know how "She Will be Loved" is still so popular, but clearly Maroon 5 knows what they're doing. Their latest album, Overexposed was released in 2012, and since then we haven't heard a peep about any new music. The group announced that they will begin recording for their 5th album in April 2013, but until that new album is released, a little bit of their borderline classic will have to tide us over.

3. Coldplay
With the exception of the single "Atlas" (featured on the Hunger Games), Coldplay has gone MIA since the drop of Mylo Xyloto in October of 2011. With all of their well-known songs, we're all going through a bit of a Coldplay withdrawal. I mean, how can you not miss Chris Martin? Check out my personal favorite Coldplay song, "Life in Technicolor ii" below.

4. Chris Brown
My elementary and middle school music taste was essentially all about Chris Brown. After his 'incident' with Rihanna, it seems that Chris Brown has taken a break from the spotlight. This is probably a good thing, but the guy knows how to make catchy music. His newest album, X, is scheduled to drop early this year. In the meantime, enjoy the classic "Forever."

5. Jason Aldean
After Night Train came out in October of 2012, the country star has been virtually silent with the exception of his Night Train tour. However, he recently announced that on January 9th, 2014, he will be making a big announcement. Until then, here's "Staring at the Sun," one of my favorites from his last album.

Who else are we missing? Comment below!

xx, Victoria

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