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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: Month by Month

Instead of a year-long resolution or two, I've decided that I will have twelve.
As daunting as this sounds, I decided that each month will be focused on a particular characteristic or quality that I want to emphasize in my life. So...

January: Enjoyment.
I only have a few high school swim meets left, and it absolutely breaks my heart to think that I only have a mere month and a half left with my sweet swim girls. For the month of January, I resolve to slow down (not in the pool though ;)) and really enjoy my final days as a high school athlete and senior night.

February: Speed.
February is crazy with HUGE swim meets like State and Southeasterns. February will be the month of speed, in which I resolve to focus in and really get work done at these big meets.

March: Friends.
The main feature of March is Spring Break. It's an awkward month seasonally - it's still kinda cold and then it's kinda getting warm, but in March, I resolve to spend time with my friends while I can. I want to soak in the time we have left together as much as possible.

April: Glam.
Between my birthday, May Day, and prom, April is a beauty-packed month. April will be the month of glam, which means that I resolve to iron out all the kinks in my hair (ha) and make every effort to make these special events look great in pictures for years to come!

May: Celebration.
May will be a busy, heart-wrenching month. It will be my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend, AP exams, and graduation. I resolve to celebrate all of my hard work in the classroom and cherish the memories I will make as I walk across the stage to receive my diploma (eek!).

June: Grind.
My summer schedule is rather hectic. Between my job(s) and swimming, I'm going all day long. In June, I resolve to work hard in the pool and at work to have a productive summer!

July: Preparation.
In August, I will be moving away to go to college. I don't know where I'm going yet, but I will be going somewhere. So, in July, I resolve to get ready. This means anything from shopping for dorm bedding, textbooks, Pinning like a madwoman, or spending time with my family before moving out.

August: Change.
It's college time y'all. I'll be a freshman. No one will know who I am or what I'm like, and it is terrifying. However, I'm ready for a change. It'll be a hectic time, but in August I resolve to embrace the change.

September: Calm.
Hopefully I'll be settled into my new routine at this point. This month's resolution is a little bit more up in the air, but in September, I resolve to attempt to stay calm as the semester progresses.

October: Crisp.
I don't know how better to describe fall in the south than crisp. Fall is gorgeous down here, so for the month of October, I resolve to be crisp as well - meaning that I will get my act together! I will stay organized and on-the-ball as midterms approach and everything starts to get crazy.

November: Family.
I'm guessing that I'll be pretty homesick at this point. Cue Thanksgiving! In November, I resolve to spend some time with my family and actually value the time that I'll have with them.

December: Joy.
This month's resolution is a little bit more obvious, but in December, the semester will wrap up and I'll be busy with shopping and traveling on top of exams. So, in the final month of 2014, I resolve to reflect on the past year and be content with whatever life throws at me.

What are your resolutions for the coming year?

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