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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Makeup Tutorial {Night Out}

I am not a makeup guru.
It has taken me years to figure out the difference between blush and bronzer, or to even learn what a smudge brush was.
However, I think I finally have a solid makeup routine down-pat. The following is by no means an everyday look - this is my going-out makeup look, and I do pretty much the same thing every time.
So here's my step-by-step tutorial on my going-out look!

1. I start with a blank canvas - freshly washed and moisturized face. I always do my hair before my makeup, since my hair can fall nicely as time goes on but my makeup needs to stay put.

2. My first product is the Neutrogena Shine Control Primer. My face is very shiny in the t-zone, and this helps my makeup stay on, and keep it matte.

3. I then use Too Faced's Lemon Drop Eye Shadow Primer. This helps get rid of under eye circles and keep my eyeshadow in place.

4. Concealer (lifesaver). I use Cinema Secrets Cream Concealer in #61. My face is extremely volatile in terms of acne and redness, plus I have awful under eye circles. I use concealer liberally on my chin, eyelids, under my eyes, around my nose, and on my forehead. I leave my cheeks without concealer (unless they need some), so that's why they look so red in these pictures. I spread the concealer around with my fingers and blend it in as best as I can.

5. Eyes. I picked up my eyeshadow palette at Forever 21 (unusual, I know). It has been a great palette for a more neutral look. I start with the lightest shade, which is a shimmery beige. I spread that all over my lids and up to my brow-bone.

I then use the rose-gold shade, which as you can see I love dearly, and spread that all over my lids, still using my basic eyeshadow brush.

Then, I grab my smudge brush and lightly get some of the darkest shade of brown on the brush. I essentially draw a straight line in my crease and then go back over it with my blending brush to smooth it all in.

Before blending!

Finally, I do my eyeliner. This time I used the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner in Charcoal, but I often alternate between that and a chocolate eyeliner. I line my top and bottom lids, and smudge on the bottom using the smudger attached to the eyeliner. I do my mascara after I've finished using all of my powders so that the powder doesn't cover up the mascara.

6. Foundation. My foundation is a custom shade for my skin tone. I go to a place called Elea Blake in Chattanooga where all of my makeup is custom matched to my skin tone. I use foundation, concealer,  blush, and bronzer from there regularly. I have a few eyeshadows and lipsticks from there as well, but I try to save those for special occasions. I have always used a loose minerals for my makeup, and although they are messy, they are the best choice for my skin.

7. Bronzer & Blush. My bronzer is a mauve-y peach powder from Elea Blake. I use a big fluffy brush to make sure I don't put too much on and I always shake the excess product off before it touches my face. I put the bronzer on my forehead and in the hollows of my cheeks to contour subtly.

After using the bronzer, I use the same brush for my blush, which is also from Elea Blake. This is a muted rose color, and I spread it out lightly on the apples of my cheeks.

Finally, I use a little bit of liquid highlighter to accent my cheekbones. I do not have an extremely prominent bone structure, so this little bit of shine goes a long way for me. I use Elf Shimmer Whip and lightly pat it into my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose. 

8. Finishing Powder. I use Neutrogena Shine Control Powder with my Kabuki brush to set my makeup. This product is a lifesaver in terms of keeping my overall look matte. I just dust it all over my face and then my makeup is set!

9. Mascara. I save this step until after all of my powders are on my face so that the mascara is a little purer. I used CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara in Very Black, and below you can see the difference between the eye that is and isn't coated. I do several coats, and then I'm onto brow gel. This just helps comb out any powder that may have lightened my brow color and gets them in line. It's a clear gel, so the color of my eyebrows isn't altered, but they're just tamed.

10. Highlighter (Round 2). I use the Almay Wake-Up Eyeliner and Highlighter duo to complete my eye makeup. I only use the highlighter side though. I just swipe it in the inner corners of my eyes and right under the brow bone. It's a very soft shimmer, but it goes a long way to brighten my eyes.

11. FINALLY - lips! This is the last step! I used a Tarte lipstick here that I got from Sephora. It's a great color that stays put over time. I just spread that all over my lips and finish with a little bit of gloss.

All done! Now for a fun night out!

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